Suprima Exclusive: Dannic & Dyro talk about Revealved Recordings, their collaboration, and expectations for 2014

If you’re trying to make a name for yourself as a DJ/producer, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a best friend who’s currently the #1 DJ in the world. It’s even better once you’re able to keep pumping out hits and stay glued on Beatport Top 10. As if it’s not already obvious, we’re talking about Dannic and Dyro, Revealed Recordings’ two most celebrated names aside from label head and best friend Robbert van de Corput (Hardwell), of course. With such a powerful name backing them, it wouldn’t be surprising if the two young respective DJs approached the music game with entitlement, but instead they’ve shown this year that they’re looking to be the next leaders instead of simply hiding behind Hardwell’s protective shield.

“Grid,” Dyro’s collaborative track with Bassjackers, is probably one of the more underrated tracks in recent memory, with an almost storytelling complexity that surely readied Dyro for celebrated tracks such as his “Never Say Goodbye”. As far as Dannic, he’s shown to be a leader of a new funky progressive sound. High energy dance tracks such as “Clobber,” “Ignite,” and Beatport #1 “Blueprint” have shown that while the hardstyle kick has been almost ubiquitiously used amongst electro-house DJs to produce the next “banger,” one can still produce the same effect through careful sound engineering. Dannic’s recent big room mix to Mako’s “Beam” is one of the more beautiful progressive tracks to date, proving his versatility outside the sound that he and the Sick Individuals have made so popular. The Suprima Staff were able to catch up with both guys before they rocked the house at Create a few weekends ago. The dual interview format worked fine, as Dannic and Dyro are legitimate homies.

On your discovery by Hardwell

Dannic: For me it’s a different story because I met Robbert nine or ten years ago in a local bar and we’ve actually been best friends since then. That was even before all his big success, Revealed Recordings, and everything, you know. Of course we started talking about music, producing, he taught me some things, I taught his some things. Suddenly we came up with a track together, which was actually the first record on Revealed Records, so I’m very proud of that of course. It all went from there to where we are now, so it’s like a natural process for me.

Dyro: For me, I met Hardwell through my music I think almost two years but before that I had sent him music and I noticed he was playing it at Electric Zoo so I contacted him and we talked a little and then I met him at ADE (Amsterdam Music Event) exactly two years ago. It was actually the first Revealved Label Night, and I think I met Dannic there too for the first time. From them on we began making music and touring together. Just having fun.

Playing in your hometown

Dyro: Yea, for it really is because I kind of skipped Holland. Right now I’m 30 in the world and lot of people in Holland were like “who is this guy?” and thats what I did. My first gig was in Miami, I did shows in America before I did shows in Holland and all over Europe, so for me its special to play at home.

Dannic: For me its actually the same story, they don’t really know us in the Netherlands and its quiet funny because we all originated from there but our music is more internationally known. I don’t know why. I also think we aren’t commercial DJs so we’re not on the radio in Holland.

Dannic on DJing to producing

Dannic: Actually I started DJ more in clubs and then I got asked to DJ festivals so I had to come up with my own sounds. I began to cut, paste, edit and mashup things, which eventually got me into producing tracks. I also started producing a little with Robbert as well. We spent a lot of time in studio working and talking about my ideas. He always encouraged everything I did.

Dyro on being ranked #30 on DJ Mag

Dyro: Well of course, its really good feeling you know. I had a lot of help from Hardwell and did a lot as well but I still made my own music and played my own shows so it feels like a great recognition.

Dannic: I think we both had a great year but in different ways. Dyro for example announced his radio show way earlier than I and then again he made a remix for Axwell as well as Tiesto. He’s such a talented guy I think he deserves to be up there, its obvious that he would get a higher entry.

Dannic on upcoming productions

Dannic: Well I have “Bluprint” which just came out about a month ago and went #1 on Beatport. It’s my collab with Sick Individuals and its going off every time I play. I think it’s the perfect blend between their sound and my sound. I also did a remix of “Intense” for Armin Van Buuren. I also just released a vocal track for Revealed Recordings called “Beam”, which is a remix of an existing track of Mako, a duo from LA. It also shows a little different side from me than usual. I also got a track on Revealed coming out called “Lion. It is set to release on January 20th. Dyro and I are also doing a collaboration. It’s really hard to find time to actually work together but it’s 90 percent finished. The idea and structure is there, we’re just having little discussions about like which kick drum we should use… I just takes so much time. We want it to be 200 percent perfect and I think people are expecting that from us. If we’re doing a collaboration we want it to be really good.

On being a part of the “Revealed Family”

Dannic: Besides just being a part of the “Revealed Family” I feel we are very involved as well. I mean I release tracks on Revealed, Dyro releases track on Revealed, we release tracks together, we do remixes… I think it all lifts the whole label which really strengthens Revealed Recordings.

Dyro: Its actually cool to be part of a family when your touring with each other and actually have the chance to become friends with eachother. Its great because we can actually critizice eachother in a good way. For example if I do something bad, Dannic will tell me “it sucks”. Other than that, if I was to ask anyone else for advice they would probably say it’s cool no matter what.


What’s coming for 2014?

Dyro: Well, the collaboration obsiously. We cant wait. It’s gonna be really cool. Other than that I think were also going to do our first solo tours. I wanna focus a little more on original productions other than a lot of gigs.

Dannic: For me its really about the music, focusing on releasing quality music over quantity. The fans always want one track a week, or month but sometimes I think its better to focus on a track like we both are right now just to get it out there 100%. We want to be 100% satisfied. We have plenty of music left so 2014 is gonna be good.

Expected Success?

Dannic: No, not at all, not this fast. Sometimes we’re really blow away and I still can’t believe it. It’really shows how dedicated our fans are. We don’t have that many fans yet, but they’re all really dedicated. It’s better to have 100 dedicated fans than 1000 random fans.

Dyro: It’s funny because sometimes you set goals for yourself, which are probably way out of line but when I think about when I first started producing and DJing my goal was that maybe some day I could be one of the top 100 Djs. At the time it seemed like such a huge way, but that was only two years ago. Everything is going so fast right now so to set new goals now they may be accomplished in a year or two. You never know.