Vegas Vibes

So we're here in Sin City, which is one of the EDM hubs of the world. The lights and constant nightlife are reflecting of the two songs below. These two tracks have been on our playlist since we've been here. First is "Before This Night is Through" by the man himself, Tim Berg (aka Avicii). This is one that is constant grime with a sick drop and a deep, sexy sample that goes "I wanna do bad things with you". The white noise is also pretty memorable. An overall well made track that reflects Vegas. Second is "What Happens in Vegas (ft. Gregor Salto)" by Chuckie. Again this track goes pretty hard and has a pretty dirty lead synth in our opinion. Keeping in theme with Bad Things, it has another sick sample. Take a listen, these are two tracks you don't want to miss out on. 

Tim Berg - Before The Night Is Through (Bad Things) [Original Mix]


Chuckie - What Happens In Vegas (Original Mix) [feat. Gregor Salto]