Laidback Luke launches into 2013 with a sold-out stint in London


Kung fu-fighting crowd-pleaser Laidback Luke (born Lucas Cornelis van Scheppingen) makes no apologies for waving the flag of old-school attitude in the face of modern dance music. Initiated by homeland legends Chocolate Puma and consistently hailed as one of Dutch house music’s longest-standing heavyweights to date, the Philippines-born Luke’s scattered discography of studio landmarks has made him a consistently relevant player in the scene, one who has surpassed new trends despite his mainstream credentials. Leaping from his own diverse peak-timers to upfront house gems alongside underground favorite-turned-wife Gina Turner as Nouveau Yorican, the consistent development of his own Mixmash imprint has seen Luke pay his own success forward considerably over the years. With his latest single “Pogo” to set 2013 in motion, Beatport News caught up with the Dutch star to talk about taking his Super You&Me club night to London and the lessons learned from his dynamic global overhaul.

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