Avicii manager Ash Pournouri on the pair's balance of success and controversy: "If one of us stops, the brand dies for both of us"


From setting up specialty hotels to orchestrating brief country-music makeovers to shepherding a Madonna cameo at UMF, dance-music svengali Ash Pournouri always has a forthright answer for his daredevil marketing tactics. But when your lead client is the bright-eyed face of European club culture, readily willing to throw curve balls at an unsuspecting public, a bit of controversy is par for the course. As the strategic force behind Avicii, Cazzette, and the At Night Management company, Pournouri balanced law school with a spree of promotions work in Stockholm, and his high-profile industry presence and stirring marketing tactics have forged him as something of an outspoken provocateur for the next generation of dance music professionals. Just as he announced his forthcoming PRMD label, Beatport News caught up with the infamous executive producer and manager to scope the highs and lows of serving a billion-dollar industry, the strategy behind a certain high-profile client, and the anatomy of a successful new-school mogul.

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