Chuckie, Dzeko & Torres - Down To This (Original Mix)

Chuckie, as well as Dzeko & Torres have been tearing it up lately, no doubt due to their unique, deep sound and euphoric melodies. As the track begins, we are greeted with tech-like drum line, with dashes of modified samples hear and there, building the anticipation and setting the tone for the track. The sample itself has a live-mixed quality to it, while still remaining clean. We are then taken for a soaring build and into a deep drop, characterized by classic Dzeko & Torres synths mixed with a Chuckie influence between each bar, creating a deep, pounding line that carries into a beautifully constructed main melody. They take the initial sounds hinted throughout the track and add a masterful produced chord progression that ties the track together. Just last week, we got to sit down with Dzeko & Torres before their amazing set at Avalon Hollywood. Within the next few day an exclusive interview will be posted. Stay tuned!