Porter Robinson gets shut down by police for trying to incite a riot?


Porter Robinson's headlining performance at the Matador Music Festival in Santa Barbara, California, was cut short by 35 minutes last night. Disappointed, Porter immediately took the opportunity to graciously apologize to fans for circumstances beyond his control: "The cops cut me 35 minutes short and shut down this show halfway through 'Language'. Really sorry to everyone to paid to see this show." According to Porter, after informing the crowd that the gig was being shut down over the microphone, police angrily threatened to arrest him and seize his equipment as 'evidence', accusing him of attempting to incite a riot. “I got on the mic and said 'guys, the cops are shutting us down in five minutes. Gonna play 'Language'. Don’t get mad, stay positive'. The cops cut the power two minutes after that, claiming that I was ‘inciting a riot’ by explaining the situation to the crowd." Porter described the sheriff as a "vindictive tyrant is embarrassed about the truth.” He finished up with the last comment: He finished up with the last comment: "The police are not on your side".

Via: Mixmag