Dannic vs Merk & Kremont - Anubi (Original Mix) [Preview]

With the summer just ahead of them and a 100-strong discography at their mercy, Revealed Recordings calls upon label staple Dannic hooks up with Italian peers Merk & Kermont to establish an early secret weapon for dance music’s busiest time of year. Having already turned heads during Dannic & Dyro’s own night at Wall Miami and proven a set staple to the young Dutchman throughout the year, “Anubi” emerges with divine reverberations for the big room headspace. As the follow-up to “Dear Life” and a debut stint for the Italian duo, this trio of European talents unites to tip their heads to the infamous Egyptian god with a powerful slice of peak time artillery for the festival circuit. Between those signature funky drops, full-bodied leads and well-oiled beats, the trio of talents unites the best of their respective sounds to form an immediate secret weapon for the sunnier remits of 2014 from three increasingly promising talents.