Kygo ft. Conrad - Firestone (Original Mix)

Dec 1 20141.3k411The name on everyone’s tongue today is Kygo: trailblazer of the tropical house movement. Following a hysteria of anticipation, the producer’s “Firestone” has finally been released in full today, exclusively on Spotify. Unmistakably signature of the Norwegian producer, “Firestone” bursts with paradise-inspired chimes and echoing knocks. Australian singer Conrad’s crooning chorus lines help paint the picture of beachy nirvana, making “Firestone” yet another addition to the blissful repertoire of the tropical house kingpin. Though a far cry away from the drops and breakdowns of other electronic genres, Kygo’s “Firestone” packs a quenching punch of its own. Perhaps arriving at the right time and place to deliver the much sought-after “deeper” depth to dance music, Kygo’s newest original guarantees that 2015 will see much more tangible proof of the producer’s abilities.