Lush & Simon - City of Lights (Original Mix)

The word “Trouse” might sound completely ridiculous, but the rendered sound of combining elements of progressive house and trance is nothing short of perfection. We’ve learned this from big players such as W&W this year, but it’s always the emerging guys who have the loudest voices. This can be said of Lush & Simon. Although the Italian duo labels most of their songs as “progressive house,” their come out track “Adrenaline” highlighted a certain delicacy in their production that draws near to the vaporous quality of trance. That being said, it’s no coincidence that their most recent release, “City of Lights,” is featured on the Trice Recordings sub-label of Armin Van Buuren’s Armada Music. The track has the emotion of a vocal mix, but manages to accomplish this via great melody and production instead. Check out the track below, which is available now on Beatport.