Michael Brun - Gravity EP

Revered as one of the upfront electronic imprints in the progressive circuit, Dirty South's Phazing Records latest offering brings together all the sounds and sentiments that have earned the label such a high reputation in its short history. No stranger to the Phazing roster, Michael Brun heads up the next EP. Bringing influences from his homeland, Haiti, Brun provides a sublime 3-tracker. From the off, the title track Gravity sews the seeds for the EP, setting the tone with bubbling arpeggios rising through the mix with a level of uncertainty, before breaking out into a huge melody, peppered with darker tech-trance qualities. Track two, appropriately dubbed Halfway, conjures up a pristine Balearic backdrop via warm pads, light and uplifting synths, an arpeggiated lead synth, and soothing vocals. Halfway is beautifully reverbed into a tranquil yet uplifting record destined for the biggest festivals, beach parties, and sun-drenched events around the world. The final piece of the EP is named after a red supergiant star, Antares. Expecations set, Antares comes full force, dropping a heavy bassline, a wide-open stereo field filled with crisp instrumentation, a monstrous lead layered with a hard-hitting piano and vast synthesis, all tuned to a dramatic and seemingly sci-fi melody.