Mikky Ekko - Kids (The Chainsmokers Remix)

It’s clear from the jump that The Chainsmokers didn’t intend for this to be a “progressive house" track. There’s no buildup; it’s straight to the opening scene. Don’t get me wrong, the track definitely leads into the type of spirited drop that we expect from a progressive house tune, but Mikky Ekko’s vocals are perfect for creating a cinema. It’s unclear whether Ekko is telling a tale of growing up or if he speaks to a metaphor, but as for Drew and Alex, this is definitely a coming of age story.

Once again the amiable duo make it a point to show the dance music scene that they won’t play by the rules. This remix is a laugh in the face to all the people who question the ability of two post-hipster bros to make music with life. The Chainsmokers no longer have to demand our attention; we’re watching, and we can only hope that this high they're on carries over into the New Year. I for one smell some original tracks coming soon.