NONONO - Pumpin Blood (The Chainsmokers Remix)

2014 is officially in full swing, as yesterday Alex and Drew of the Chainsmokers finally unleash their awaited remix to NONONO's "Pumpin Blood". This track started making noise when W&W played in in their Essential Mix set for BBC Radio 1 in the latter part of 2013, which means the Chainsmokers have been waiting patiently (eagerly) to release it. Once again it's a beautiful house rendition of an already great indie original. Alex and Drew could easily pick a top 40 track to remix, yet they continue musing over tracks that truly move them as music creatives.

You'll find that the track focuses more on sections than the average progressive house production. The guys even play with a trap segment, yet manage to keep it fluid and thread it into the progression seamlessly. The Chainsmokers highlight vaious modes of energy all the while keeping their signature pluck and piano leads intact. As we await the official release of "Selfie" on Dim Mak Records, we also anticpate an amazing year for The Chainsmokers. Looking forward to more shows in Los Angeles as well.