Wolfgang Gartner & Tommy Trash - Hounds Of Hell (Original Mix) [Preview]

As if the announcement of a North American co-headlining tour featuring two of dance music’s most respected producers wasn’t enough, the collaboration between Wolfgang Gartner and Tommy Trash extends further than fans might think. Inspired by their mutual desire to push boundaries and continuously hone in on their craft, “Hounds of Hell” is a joint effort that showcases the unequaled qualities of Wolf and Tommy in one cohesive package. A track that evokes a nostalgic rock vibe with distorted bass and a wailing synth lead, “Hounds of Hell” is the perfect companion to the savage tour concept and imagery. The frantic rhythms encompass a chase through the woods, a snarling beast at the listener’s heels around every twist and turn. Not only will “Hounds of Hell” elevate the heart rates of unsuspecting fans with its haunting chord progression, it’s bound to give the genre a much-needed kick in the ass. Wolf and Tommy wouldn’t have it any other way.

Out on Beatport September 24th