Flume - Some Minds feat. Andrew Wyatt (Original Mix)

F, L, U, M, E: five letters that are recognized and praised all over the world. Flume has some of the most unique sounds in the world. Every song he produces adds a new twist and turn to his repertoire of distinctive hits. Flume didn’t grow up wanting to be the next Tiësto, he grew up wanting to be the next Flume, and that’s exactly what he has done by releasing hit after hit like no other. His latest release, Some Minds feat. Andrew Wyatt is nothing but unexpected. Like none of his previous songs, Some Minds fits perfectly under the name of Flume. By seamlessly intertwining unique sounds with different paces, Flume produces yet another off-balance wonder. Whereas EDM is used to hearing female vocals, Andrew Wyatt brings a fresh voice that effortlessly complements Flumes smooth intro. Dropping into a pool of high hats, booming kicks, wet synths, and piercing beeps, Flume leaves us with nothing but the five letters: F, L, U, M, E.