Spinnin' Channels Jaws for ID track Trailer, 'Megalodon'

For those of you who skipped high school Biology once too many times, the Megalodon is an extinct species of shark that lived millions of years ago. It is considered to be one of the most fearsome predators, and as a result, a prime choice for today's next electro house banger.

The promo video below is admittedly one of the more clever dance music visuals to date, choosing to step away from the cliche festival recap method and pining something a little bit more Sci-Fi horror flick-ish. In typical Spinnin' fashion, the production credits of the track have been conceiled, yet on first listen, the dramatic nature of the build and drop seems like something we'd expect from DVBBS & Borgeous or perhaps someone in their class. What we do get are two girls - who aren't bad to look at - parading around a boat until they become a shark's dinner. The End.

Stay tuned for more info about "Megalodon" to come.