Suprima Exclusive: Helena talks about her latest release "Levity" featuring Shawnee Taylor

Last week we had the chance to catch up with Helena in LA before a massive set at Lure Nightclub in Hollywood. Just a few days ago she released a track with she feels describes the journey of her career. With incredible vocals from Shawnee Taylor, the track builds up with a progressive vibe leading to a grimy electro drop. Check out what she said about the track.

Well first, Shawnee Taylor for me was the number one choice for this record because the breakdown goes into a very euphoric house vibe and I was picturing the breakdown thinking ‘I really need a strong woman’s vocal that is uplifting, powerful, screams summer, and has house.’ I was thinking ‘who, who could it be,’ and suddenly I said Shawnee Taylor. Immediately I told me manager to get me Shawnee Taylor and he did. She was very into the track and it just went great. At first when we sent her the demo she was like ‘who is this guy’, and my manager told her it was a woman and from there she was like ‘wow I’m defiantly doing this!’ She also felt that this track really made a statement coming from two women.
— Helena