Suprima Exclusive: Matisse & Sadko talk about "SLVR", their collaboration with Steve Angello and forthcoming releases

Recently, Suprima Musique had the chance to spend a few minutes with Russian rising duo, Matisse & Sadko. It was about two years go when these guy broke into the scene with their stunning progressive remix of M-3ox's "Beating of My Heart". With massive support from Swedish House Mafia their remix soon became an anthem. After consistently putting out great records the boys were soon brought to the attention of Russian superstar DJ/ producer, Arty, who took guided them to the next level of their career with their collaboration, "Trio". From there, everything changed. Almost a year ago Mattise & Sadko sent Steve Angello and the beginnings of a track they were working on and soon enough it became a collaboration which has been hyped for the past few months as the 100th release of Steve's imprint "Size Records". Just today the track was released and we can guarantee that this track will hit the charts high. Here are some questions we had for the Russian duo.


So can you tell us about “SLVR” your highly anticipated collaboration with Steve Angello?

It’s a long story because everything started a year ago when we decided to start our collaboration with Steve Angello who is one of our favorite DJs. We sent the copy of our track to Steve and he really liked it but we didn’t get as much feed back as we hoped because of how busy he was with Swedish House Mafia and everything. It was good though that we didn’t receive feedback right away because it just took longer and we feel that right now is the perfect time for this track to release. If we were to release this last year we don’t think it would have as much hype as it does now. So the timing is perfect.

Can you tell us about the about the production of the track?

Well we worked alone on the track for a while but Steve told us what he wanted it to sound like. We pretty much just passed the track back and forth until it sounded the way we wanted it to. At times we wanted to give Steve our own feedback but we knew that he knew exactly what he was doing.  We are glad we listened to him because the track has come out the way we wanted it to and we are very thankful for the collaboration. We can tell you this won’t be our last collaboration together.


What releases do you have coming for the rest of 2013? 

Well, of course "SLVR", it will be released August 12th on Size Records as their 100th release. Our next track will be released in august and it's a remix of "Can't Stop Now" by the Australian duoAston shuffle. After that we are planning a solo release but we haven’t decided which track we are going to release but we promise this track will be very big.