Suprima Musique with Hook N Sling @ Create Nightsclub

On June 17th Suprima Musique had the pleasure to sit down with Australian superstar DJ/ producer Hook N Sling before his set at Create Nightclub in Hollywood on June 17th, 2013. Here is our exclusive interview with the man himself.



Supirma: First off, thank you for sitting down with us tonight. How does it feel to be in LA, one of the EDM capitals in the US?

Hook N Sling: I actually live here now, I moved here about 12 months ago. I used to live in Sydney; I lived there my whole life. There wasn't really a specific reason to move apart I just wanted something new, I wanted a change. It's not that I've done everything I wanted to do in Australia, I still love playing there and there's still tons of places I haven't played there that I would love to. I just needed a change.

Suprima: Can you tell us a little about the EDM scene in Australia?

Hook N Sling: Well Australia has a huge scene right now. I’m sure you guys know about the Melbourne Sound that’s happening right now. It’s been happening there forever. I’ve been playing in Melbourne now for 6 or 7 years and since then people have been playing it. It’s just starting to really break out now. The festival scene is also big in Australia now, you know because of the weather.

Suprima: What do you have coming from the rest of 2013? Any new releases or specific events your excited for?

Hook N Sling: Well I’m in Vegas a whole lot this year for my Light residency, which is awesome. It works out to two or three shows a month. I also finished a record today actually and I just sent it off for mastering. It’s a new single out on Spinnin Records in July and It’s called “Magnet” featuring Chris Willis. So, yeah that’s the next single that will be out in less than two months so I’m getting ready for that. A new single on Axtone is happening but its just taking time. Its called “Tokyo By Night”. There are a lot of new records coming out.



Suprima: What are your plans for this summer?

Hook N Sling: So I’m here until August and then I’m back to Australia for four weeks. I’ve got 12 shows there and so that’s winter in Australia which isn’t too bad. I’m actually looking to get back. In September will be starting my tour. Its gonna be like an Ausi tour with the Stafford Brothers.

Suprima: Are you currently working on any collaborations? If so could you mention whom you’re working with?

Hook N Sling: Currently I am working on a few collaborations but I cant really mention it, the reason being is that if it doesn’t work out or I don’t really like how it sounds in the end it not going to happen. So there are a few things I’m working on with a few vocalists if that happens then great but that’s the process with music. You can bet on things happening all the time. Not everything I write comes out and that’s the same with other artists. You gotta constantly write to stay inspired and if you are inspired you will be writing.



Suprima: Where do you prefer playing, clubs or festivals and how do you differentiate club sets from festival sets?

Hook N Sling: Well I can’t really answer that. I go from one to the other. I do a bunch of festival and I really enjoy doing the after party because at the festival I didn’t really connect intimately with the crowd as I wanted to, but there are other times when you play festivals and everyone’s just on it like your totally in synced with the crowd. It’s all about the connection I think. If it’s a great festival with a great vibe like EDC in Chicago or Orlando with a small crowd it just like playing a big club. I love it all.

Suprima: Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Hook N Sling: Well, I just renewed my Visa so here for the next couple years. I’m working hard right now on a lot of new records and I feel really productive. I really love producing music and its like as addiction to me. I’m obsessed by it so when I get up I listen to the radio. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a country music station or what; my mind always takes in how they produced that kick drum or how they mixed that guitar. I think I’m always going to be drawn to the technical side of music production and drawn to being very creative with writing. I also have an idea of doing in EP with non-EDM stuff, which I really enjoy. You know, I listen to a lot of different types of music so I’ll explore that.