Suprima Exclusive: Interview with Martin Garrix

Maybe you were a cool kid in high school. Perhaps you even threw the sickest parties in the neighborhood while your parents were out of town. That’s impressive for a 17-year-old, but what gets you a better chance of winning “Most Likely to Succeed” than producing one of the year’s most recognizable tracks without already being a household name? Martin Garrix certainly gets our vote.

The Amsterdam born prodigy is too young to legally enjoy his swift rise to fame here in the U.S., but it must be difficult to uphold the law when your hit song can’t stay off the radio. Garrix’s “Animals” has reached heights that many longstanding figures within house music have not; garnering support from directional producers like Tiesto, Hardwell and Sander Van Doorn, while managing to plant seeds in the pop realm, as well. Usually one needs a vocal hit or a feature from megastar like Rihanna or Katy Perry – someone with a larger and more ubiquitous reach, but Martin Garrix set charts ablaze with a record that has no lyrics at all.

Oh, and he’s not just a one-hit-wonder. Tracks like “Wizard” and “Tremor,” co-produced by Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, add to Garrix’s ever-expanding portfolio of Beatport placeholders. While he’s not headlining the biggest festivals around the world, it’s clear that the young 17-year old is not letting the fame get to his head by channeling his newfound success back into his work ethic.

Speaking of big festivals, our staff was fortunate enough to catch up with Garrix before his recent set at Coachella Music Festival. There’s hardly a bigger stage, not just for house music, but for music in general. Take a look below at the our exclusive interview to find out how the rising Dutch superstar has coming.

Upcoming Tracks 

"Well I have more than 8 tracks which are done that I can't wait to release. I forgot to play a few at Coachella but I think its good because now I can tease people at other shows. But there’s so much new ‘Martin Garrix’ stuff coming out and the reactions to the tracks I played at Coachella which are new were really great… I played my new track with Dillon Francis last night and I pulled him on stage. I also got a new track with Afrojack coming up, as well as a track with Sander van Doorn and DVBBS (the guys from ‘Tsunami’). After that I’ve got a few solo tracks coming up and new remixes. I’ve also been working with Ed Sheeran on a track."

Collaboration with Ed Sheeran

"My management team asked me the question ‘if you could work with anybody who would you like to work with?’ I said Ed Sheeran. That guy’s voice is so crazy and he’s such a talented songwriter and he doesn’t do stuff like this. I like to collaborate with interesting people because if you have two people who are of different genres, the final track you get is also interesting and little different.  So I made the chord progression, sent it to Ed and he sent the topline back which is next level and we'll be finishing the track soon in LA so I’m excited."


"I’m playing Arena for 40,000 people in my home town so it’s super exciting. All my friends and family are coming. I have a lot of exciting shows coming up. I think in the next two months I play over 50 shows. Its gonna be a busy summer haha."

Family and Friends

"Well to be honest I don’t have that many friends. I’ve got a selective group at home. But I’ve know them for years and they join me a lot on tour. My parents join me a lot also on tour and they’re really involved in what happening right now. It’s very important to me to keep the people who were with me from the beginning around me right now as well because you get a lot of people who just want to be with you."

We would like to thank Martin Garrix and his management for their time at Coachella. As you guys can see, Garrix has quite a future ahead of him with great stuff to come. We only wish for the best to him and his team. Make sure to follow him on all social media to stay updated!